Casa Sol Zipolite

Zipolite draws a diverse crowd including many naturists who come to enjoy one of Mexico’s most famous nude beaches. Playa del Amor has the largest concentration of nudists but on any section of the beach in Zipolite you are likely to run into a naked person. Some hotels and most guest accommodations are fully clothing optional. Naturists are welcome at Casa Sol and although we are not specifically clothing optional, nudity is permitted at the Ocean Pool which is nearest to the beach and on private patios and gardens.

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Going out is very safe. The town has unpaved and sometimes unlit streets so a flashlight is a necessary accessory for going out in the evening. There are some excellent restaurants that are very reasonably priced. It is not a big party town but a couple of humble bars draw a lively, friendly crowd. There are no slick clubs or dance bars.

There is a significant gay presence in Zipolite, often couples on holiday or traveling with friends. They are always a welcome component of our social mix at Casa Sol.

Zipolite and the neighboring towns are centers for yoga, massage and various healing arts. Casa Sol is located right up from the beach at Zipolite. The area is popular for guest houses because of the great views, cool evening breezes, and tranquility that comes from being just far enough away from the music in town. A dirt path connects Zipolite to Casa Sol and its neighbors. This path, the hillside terrain and the associated steps may present a challenge to those who are elderly or who have mobility problems.

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Can often be found out front sweeping the street or in the background attending to the many details that are part of The Red Tree House experience. He is primarily responsible for assembling the collection of art found in the public spaces and guest rooms. The lush courtyard garden is one of his favorite projects.


Is responsible for the design, decoration and lighting. His passion is creating environments for people to enjoy and has included a career as scenic and lighting designer in theatre as well as an restaurant interior designer. A former university professor of thirty years, he has now moved on to architecture, creating our hotel on the coast of Oaxaca.


Is Casa Sol clothing optional?

Zipolite has a long tradition of visitors who like the freedom of being without clothing. We also know that not all guests feel comfortable around nudity. Therefore, while clothing is appreciated in much of the hotel, we have the beautiful new Ocean Pool, plus private patios, gardens, and pools for guests to enjoy with or without clothing.

Do you accept children?

Guests at Casa Sol must be at least 18 years old.

Can I arrive before the check in time?

You are welcome to arrive early and make yourself comfortable and we will have your room ready as soon as possible.

Is it possible to have a late checkout?

Please check with us the day before you leave and we will do our best to accommodate your request. You are still welcome at Casa Sol after checkout time even if we need your room.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Pesos, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and Euros are welcome. MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards are also accepted.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is not permitted in rooms or interior spaces. Smoking is allowed in private patios and outside.

What if I cancel my reservation?

Our cancelation policy is based on our seasons:
High season, we request 25% deposit of total stay and is fully refaundable in case you cancel within 30 days in advance.
Regular season, we request a one night deposit and is fully refaundable in case you cancel 15 days in advance.

Can I bring the family pet?

The two house dogs, Thelma and Louise will welcome you but not your pets.

How do I get to Casa Sol from the airport?

You can either take the authorized taxis from the airport or save a little money by walking out of the airport grounds where there will be other taxis waiting.

Can I invite friends to visit Casa Sol?

Absolutely! Your friends are welcome.Just check with us if you plan to bring a lot of people. Guests are welcome until 11:00 pm.

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Arcoiris 5, Playa Zipolite, Arroyo Tres, 70947 Santa María Tonameca, Oax.

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